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Spectra Kft specializes in providing reliable and efficient natural gas supply to businesses. Natural gas is a versatile and clean-burning fuel that can be used for heating, cooking, and various industrial applications. We ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply of natural gas to meet the energy needs of our clients.

Spectra Kft offers LPG supply services for businesses that require a portable and flexible energy solution. LPG can be used for heating, cooking, and powering various appliances. Our LPG supply solutions are designed to meet the specific demands of industries such as hospitality, catering, agriculture, and more.

Spectra Kft offers a diverse range of industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and more. Our high-quality gas solutions cater to industries like manufacturing, healthcare, laboratories, and welding. With a focus on specialized applications, we ensure reliable supply for specific industrial processes.


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Spectra Kft is a Hungary-based gas B2B provider, specializing in delivering reliable and efficient gas solutions to businesses. With a focus on tailored services, we cater to diverse industries, offering customized gas supply plans that ensure uninterrupted operations while optimizing costs. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and comprehensive support throughout the business relationship. Sustainability is a core value at Spectra Kft, and we prioritize eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions. As your trusted partner, we strive to exceed expectations with our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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We rely on Spectra Kft for natural gases. Their consistent supply and expertise have been invaluable for our business.

Spectra Kft's natural gases have been crucial for our operations. Their quality and prompt delivery are commendable.

Switching to Spectra Kft for natural gases was a game-changer. Their tailored solutions perfectly meet our industrial needs.



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